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Shabbat Kiddush Co-Sponsorship Form

Please complete the information below for the person who is requesting and paying for the Kiddush co-sponsorship.  

Please let us know how many people you are inviting that are not part of the congregation.

Please check one that applies.   If you have more than one occasion that you would like to include, please list in it the next box.  
Please let us know who the name of the honoree(s) are.  We will announce from the bimah and in the Shabbat bulletin on the requested Shabbat morning, the name of the co-sponsors and the reason given above for the co-sponsorship.   

Please note that Chef Laura will need at least 1 week advance notice to do an extended Kiddush.   Please check if you are interested in extending the regular kiddush by adding other variety of foods to the menu.  We will have our Chef Laura Frankel, Circle of Life Catering Director and Chef, contact you to discuss the options and pricing.  

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782